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A Great Reckoning
by Louise Penny

The twelfth book in my all-time favorite mystery series, Chief Inspector Gamache, did not disappoint. This one found Armand Gamache attempting to clean up years of corruption in the Surêté Police Academy. When the most corrupt professor there is found murdered, all eyes focus on Gamache as the killer. Can he root out the evil that is corrupting this esteemed establishment before he is arrested or worse? I highly recommend this intelligent and funny series.

Sold On A Monday
by Kristina Mcmorris

This is a great page turner with mystery and a love story. It displays the struggle to keep families together in the most dire circumstances.

Miniature Schnauzers
by Karla S. Rugh

This book was very informational. It taught me about everything I need to know about having a miniature schnauzer. It even taught me about breeding them. I think that anyone wanting to breed or get a miniature schnauzer should definitely read this book!

These Nameless Things
by Shawn Smucker

I will have to admit this book was a little strange to me. It was a page turner and I found it fascinating and I really wanted to continue reading, so to me, that is an indication of a good book. I had a little trouble keeping up with the meaning of the whole storyline: is it suppossed to be real? Is it supposed to be a way for someone to learn a moral lesson? Is it a reference to death? The afterlife? Loss? It is a rather strange journey of two brothers and how they reconcile with each other and the people they have hurt in their life.

An instant guide to horses
by David Burn and Cecilia Fitzsimons

This book was well written and informational. it has a lot of different kinds of horses and what they're used for. It is also very intriguing to read. While I dont think many people that dont love horses would enjoy it, I reccomend it to horse lovers. It was a very fast read.

Big Summer
by Jennifer Weiner

I enjoyed this book less than I thought I would. I am a big fan (no pun intended) of Jennifer Weiner, and I have read all of her books. This one follows plus size influencer Daphne Berg into a world of opulence and over-the-top glamour of her former best friend. As maid of honor at said friend's wedding, Daphne attends posh parties and meets a handsome stranger. The book takes a turn when someone is murdered--the book got more interesting at that point. Daphne has no idea who she can trust, especially when she becomes a suspect. If you want to read something better by Weiner, start with her first book, "Good in Bed" or last year's best seller "Mrs. Everything."

by Beverly Pisano

This was very informational. I am looking into getting a chihuahua in a few years and I decided to start reading up on them now. I learned all about the breed standards and caring for them. I enjoyed this book a lot. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to get a chihuahua.

Heroes Of The Valley
by Jonathan Stroud

Halli Sveinsson is the young son of Arnkel Sveinsson, head of the viking house aptly called "Svein's House," and brother of the man he views as the most annoying git in the entire valley. However, after a series of events following a minor practical joke result in his uncle's murder at the hands of Olaf Hakonsson, Halli sets off for revenge. He encounters a number of (unsavory and otherwise) characters on his journey, including a paranoid old hermit, an irritatingly greedy merchant, and a rather helpful, albeit confused farmer. Upon reaching the castle of Hakon's house, Halli proceeds to decide against murdering the currently sick Olaf, who nevertheless pursues Halli throughout the castle, accidentally catches his trousers on fire, and suffocates when a tapestry falls on him. The man's relatives soon bring an army to Svein's house, and Halli, his father dying, his brother as unimaginative as ever, is forced to lead the defense of his home.

Stamped Racism Antiracism And You
by Jason Reynolds

I'll admit it--I read the YA version of the book by Ibram X. Kendi.

by Grimms Complete Fairy Tales

I listened to Allen read this book. I had not heard this version and I enjoyed it a lot. Allen has a nice reading voice. I can understand now that the original stories were written to scare children into good behavior. I would have been afraid too had these been told to me when I was little. I really liked the magic aspects of this version.